Community outrage at bird food thefts

Bird food holders which have been stolen for the fourth time at Bushside, near Armoy.INBM14-12 246JC
Bird food holders which have been stolen for the fourth time at Bushside, near Armoy.INBM14-12 246JC

IT’S always been the case that for every good turn someone does, there’s always another who will do exactly the opposite.

Take the case of a small community at a local housing estate where some of the residents have created a garden on a grass verge just opposite theri homes, planting flowers and shrubs and creating a place where wild birds can feed during the cold winter months.

The land isn’t theirs, but the contribution has enabled them to derive some pleasure for their hard work, not to mention seeing the many varieties of birds that come to feed.

However, over the last few months the residents have become angry and frustrated at the antics of a person or persons who keep stealing the bird food.

Last week was the fourth occasion that the food has been stolen from a stand at the Bushside housing estate on the Gracehill Road, near Armoy, and locals are wondering how anyone could stoop so low to deprive small birds of their food.

“The fact that there is possibly a thief or thieves in such a small community is very disappointing and we would like this to stop,” one resident told the Times.

The garden and feeding facility has been created on a grass verge and has not only brightened up the area, but given residents the opportunity to have a more pleasant view as well as seeing their horticultural efforts bear fruition.

Of course there is no obligation on them to do anything other than to let the local authority cut the grass, but they decided to do their bit for the community only for some person or persons to go and spoil it all.

Food doesn’t cost a great deal of money, but having to continually purchase more is starting to mount up.

The result of this is that precautions are now being taken to prevent the thefts by taking in the feeders at night and leaving them out early in the morning.

Anyone who can help find the culprit should report the matter to the PSNI in Ballymoney - 0845 600 8000 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.