Community facility not deserve to be dragged down by politics

Margaret Anne McKillop
Margaret Anne McKillop

SDLP Glens councillor Margaret Anne McKillop has said that a decision by the DUP to veto a new community facility is disgraceful and will only hurt local people.

Cllr McKillop is Chair of the Council Leisure Committee which approved the application. She said: “I was absolutely devastated to hear that after months of hard work by council officials, local representatives and the Friends of Glenariff community group that the DUP has decided to veto a new community facility in Waterfoot. It is incredibly distressing for those of us who have pressed for this new development which would really lift the whole area.

“As chair of the leisure committee, I’ve been working closely with Friends of Glenariff who have given their all to get this project across the line. I cannot praise their efforts enough. Now to be told at the very last minute that the DUP has exercised the call-in mechanism which, given the timelines involved, will essentially veto the project is deeply upsetting. A community facility like this should be beyond grandstanding. We are elected to deliver positive initiatives like this and to work together to ensure they are welcoming for everyone. Pressing the nuclear button at the last minute is a disgrace.

“I will continue working with local people to explore every possible avenue to get this project delivered. Despite the games of the DUP, we’ll continue working for the Glens.”