Community Association celebration

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Residents residents and councillors will gather in the village of Armoy to celebrate 21 years of Armoy Community Association next Wednesday.

The Tilly Molly Centre - a community hub built and managed by the association - will host the 21st anniversary of a group that has managed to go against the grain in working together to heal divisions in a post conflict era.

“Today, Armoy is still very much a mixed community,” said chairman John Ward.

“There are genuine community relationships and friendships here that people cherish. That was what was in mind when the group was formed in October 1994.”

“The focus of our celebration event will be on the Tilly Molly Centre, bought as a derelict property 20 years ago,” he continued.

“The life of the centre would have undoubtedly met Tilly’s approval. She was a strong minded local woman, a businesswoman and a leader… completely empowered, long before that term came into use.”

“We hope it inspires visitors who will come to celebrate our anniversary with us. And of course for anything worthwhile never comes easy,” said John.

Councillors will listen to local residents and association members talk about what goes on in the small rural village.