Come and enjoy another Classic Praise evening for Rock Ministries

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Following the success of the two previous Classic Praise evenings, Rock Ministries (NI) Trust will be presenting another Classic Praise evening in First Presbyterian Church, Coleraine, on Sunday 18 September at 8pm.

This will be an evening of community singing and celebrating some of the finest and best loved older Gospel hymns.

Special guest singers for the evening will be the Men’s Group from Main Street Presbyterian Church, Garvagh and the organist will be Jonny Boyd. Bring your

friends, and enjoy a wonderful evening of fellowship and praise. After the service, you can continue to fellowship as you enjoy some light refreshments.

A special offering will be taken up in aid of the work of Rock Ministries (NI) Trust. This Coleraine based charity has been working in Uganda for the over 20 years and aims to make a real difference for the many under-privileged children, young people and families in that country in particular. The charity classes itself as a “Kitchen Charity” due to the fact that it is based in and run from the home of Ian and Phyllis Hasson and all the work is done voluntarily with no paid workers.

Ian and Phyllis, who have travelled to Africa many times, have a real heart for the under-privileged people of Uganda in particular. Rock Ministries (NI) Trust works alongside native Ugandan pastors and administrators who have local knowledge and who are aware of where exactly the real need is at any one time. The charity has a worthwhile sponsorship programme, allowing children to gain a valuable education and it also aims to help needy people like widows and single mothers to set up minibusinesses and projects which allow them to become more self-sufficient which, in turn, enables them to help members of their extended families.

It is a Christian based charity and ifyou would be interested in supporting this charity, there are a number of ways in which you could do so. You could sponsor a child to go to school or you could simply donate generally which would allow the charity to help with medical issues or provide help in a whole range of other material ways. Many local people support Rock Ministries (NI) Trust already and it would be great if you could join this band of willing sponsors and supporters. To find out more, please contact Ian and Phyllis on 70344319 or go to the charity’s website at Meantime, why not join the many supporters at this evening of Classic Praise to be held on Sunday 18 September at 8pm.