Coleraine garage supports Charlotte’s clean air campaign

A 14-year-old’s campaign for children’s health through cleaner air and zero emissions driving has received support from Roadside Garages Kia Coleraine.

Friday, 6th August 2021, 9:56 am

Charlotte Smith’s “EV Thank you” campaign has been boosted by Roadside with the loan of a fully electric Soul EV for a tour around Northern Ireland.

Charlotte’s campaign started when she was just 11-years-old, putting hand-written notes under the windscreen wipers of electric vehicle drivers to thank them for choosing to drive a zero emissions vehicle.

This summer Charlotte was named as Youth Ambassador for the Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality.

Charlotte Smith with Ian Lamont from Roadside Garages

She has now travelled more than 100,000 zero-emission miles around the world, delivering over 4,000 “EV Thank You!” cards across most of the UK, Norway and even California – always campaigning and despite a full school schedule.

For the duration of her stay in Northern Ireland, Roadside Garages Kia Coleraine is lending her (and her driver father) a fully electric Kia Soul EV while she travels around the country for a brief 36 hour trip.

Charlotte Smith said: “Going to Northern Ireland was a priority for my children’s health campaign, as the uptake in EVs has been relatively low in the country. I wanted to thank the truly pioneering Northern Ireland all-electric vehicle drivers who made the conscious decision to drive zero emissions and, if they knew it or not, help protect children’s health.”

David Boyd of Roadside said: “We felt compelled to support Charlotte and her inspiring campaign for better air quality and children’s health, so we were delighted to be able to lend her an electric car to promote her campaign across Northern Ireland. Kia offers popular electric cars the Soul EV and e-Niro, with zero emissions just one of their many accolades, but Charlotte’s campaigning really highlights the qualities of driving electric.”