Cole proposes dropping ‘Glens’


A proposal to change the name of the new Causeway Coast and Glens District Council sparked a heated debate last week.

Councillor Sam Cole proposed the name be shortened to ‘Causeway Borough Council’ at Thursday night’s council meeting.

Independent councillor Padraig McShane said the proposal was an ‘identity crisis’.

“This is a world renowned brand, why would you want to remove the Glens from it,” he asked.

“Why not call it the Glens Council if you want to shorten it, or is this about trying to remove nationalists from it?”

Sinn Fein’s Philip McGuigan labelled the proposal as ‘ludicrous’.

“We have had the name for almost a year now, if it were to change now would it not have a cost implication as domain names, IT systems and literature would all have to be changed,” he said.

Ulster Unionist Councillor Joan Baird said everyone should be very proud of the Glens name.

“This is a very important area for us all and one of the most beautiful areas in the world,” she said.

DUP councillor Ian Stevenson backed his party colleague’s proposal though. “I don’t see any areas belonging to anyone,” he said.

“As far as not having an area in the name Ballymoney is not mentioned and it is not in the Causeway area.

“In fact if we want to be accurate perhaps the name should be Causeway Coast, Glens, Dark Hedges and Binevenagh Council.”

During the debate SDLP councillor Stephanie Quigley left the chamber for a short period of time after chair, Cllr John Finlay, pointed his finger at her after she had asked the Chief Executive what he would like the council to be called. Cllr Finlay said it was an ‘unfair question’ but apologised for upsetting Cllr Quigley. 12 voted in favour of Cllr Cole, 24 against and three abstained.