Cold calling warning from McAllister

SINN Féin Glens councillor Noreen McAllister has warned people about responding to cold calls from claims management companies offering to process Personal Insurance Protection claims on their behalf and any other nuisance calls they may be receiving.

The councillor has herself received daily calls, texts and emails for the past couple of weeks even though she has no loans and doesn’t own a credit card.

Councillor McAllister said: “These companies are cold calling people with offers to process claims and get them money back. The calls I received were obviously from an automated service which simply dials your number automatically and she advices anyone receiving a call from one of these companies should immediately put the phone down.”

Cllr McAllister advised people who believe that they may have been miss sold PPI by their bank or credit card company, to telephone them and ask them for the relevant information and process the claim themselves.

Noreen added: “Claims management companies are charging up to 30% of the sum recovered and some ask for credit card details first and use it to charge them up front, so please think before you give over this information.

“I have been hearing horrendous stories from some of my constituents in the Glens. One elderly gentleman was telling me that he told these companies that he didn’t want to discuss his business with them and to my horror they told him they would call personally to the house and talk to him.

“These are bully boy tactics being used on the most vulnerable people in our community, I am disgusted to hear these stories.

“I plead to the community to never give out passwords, home addresses or bank details to anyone on the phone or on their doorstep and report this to the PSNI immediately.

“I contacted BT myself to report this matter and I am waiting for them to come back to me with whatever help they can give. Please fell free to contact me on 07584689892 and I will pass on whatever advice I can give.”