Clock ticking for Benvardin

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The clock is ticking on the marathon effort to raise enough money for the deposit to secure a mortgage and safeguard the future of animal rescue at Benvardin Kennels.

B.A.R.K. (Benvardin Animal Rescue Kennels) has been threatened with closure since the land it occupies went up for sale but volunteers believe they are on track to secure a deposit for the £225,000 mortgage needed to buy the plot.

Sean McIntyre explained: “We have until 20th March to raise £45,000 for the deposit and at present we have raised just over £25,000. Generating the remaining £20,000 is do-able within the time frame we have, however, we really need everyone to help us step up the efforts.

“We have been delighted with the response so far and donations come in to us from far and wide including America and a police force in Surrey. They have been following us on facebook and kindly made a contribution.

“This weekend there were a few events held which generated quite a bit of money and we are very grateful to everyone involved. Rauiri Morgan and his friends very kindly organised a bag pack at The Euro Spar in Ballycastle and they raised an amazing £555.75. We also held a street collection in Coleraine raising a staggering £1971.81 On Friday night there was a Pub Quiz in The Port Hotel in Portrush which raised a massive £891 which we were delighted with.

“At present we are trying to organise a street collection in Ballymoney and Portstewart but as yet we aren’t sure when these will happen. The staff and management at Asda Coleraine have very kindly offered us a bag pack on Sunday 8th March from 1pm until 6pm and we really hope the public will support this event.

“Donations did drop off slightly but we are hoping they will pick up again because it is important to keep the momentum going. We have three weeks remaining and we are pushing forward. It is important that the donations pick up if we are going to make our target.”

If Benvardin closes, it is feared many of the animals may have to be humanely destroyed because of increasing pressures on council pounds and other rescue centres. You can donate via the following options to find out how please go to: or by visiting their website: