Cllr McShane welcomes beach works

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Glens Independent Councillor Padraig McShane has welcomed the completion of works taking place adjacent to Ballycastle beach last week.

The works had caused some concern among members of the public, but both Council’s safety officials and the NIEA were satisfied with the outcome after investigating.

The Councillor stated: “The construction a section of semi-permeable fences next to the seaward face of sand dunes will now encourage the deposition of wind blown sand and protect existing vegetation along the rear gardens of properties in this wonderful location. Given the nature of last year’s major swells and the resulting damage to parts of the foreshore the Fencing was essential to protect against further damage. It has been used in conjunction with other management schemes to encourage dune stabilisation and reduce negative environmental impacts. I visited the site and I’m happy to report that it was completed satisfactorily, with minimum disturbance.”