Clachan plans face ‘refusal’

CLLR Catherine McCambridge has asked for an office meeting with planners who are minded to refuse permission for a proposal for two dwellings to replace former clachan dwellings as part of a farm diversification project off Fairhead Road, Ballycastle.

The location is 190 metres west of 28 Fairhead Road and the applicant is Mr S. McBride.

Planners say the proposal is contrary to their Sustainable Development in the Countryside policy in that one of the buildings does not exhibit the essential characteristics of a dwelling and all external structural walls are not substantially intact.

Planners say one of the proposed replacement opportunities is not sited within the established curtilege of the existing building and it has not been shown that the alternative position nearby would result in demonstrable landscape, heritage, amenity benefits.

Planners further state that the buildings which are proposed to be replaced make an important contribution to the heritage and character of the locality and no evidence has been provided to show that the buildings are not capable of being made structurally sound and improved.

Cllr McCambridge said it is hoped the applicant can bring further information to planners.