CIRQUE: tickets all sold out

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It is THE hottest ticket in town and ALL the tickets have already been snapped up for the fashion event of the year!

Yes, tickets for CIRQUE fashion show which takes place in Barry’s Amusements in Portrush on Thursday, September 1st, have completely sold out - to the delight and am amazement of the organisers.

The brainchild of local fashionista Cindy McKendry and Causeway Coast and Glens councillor Stephanie Quigley, CIRQUE is a breath-taking, dazzling fashion spectacular which will be presented in Barry’s in aid of three charities - Women’s Aid, Samaritans and Northern Ireland Cancer Fund for Children.

Providing a pre-show to the big event in September is an exhibition in the Arcadia in Portrush charting the fashion, music and dance styles of the eras at this iconic building.

The Arcadia building in Portrush has seen fashion fads and music themes come and go and now a special exhibition - Fashion Generation: A Retrospective of Fashion and Music - has been planned to capture the essence of that iconic building from the 1950s through to the 1980s.

Bushmills freelance writer Claire Savage has agreed to curate the exhibition which will open on July 30th and run until September 1st.

Claire explained: “Essentially, I was chatting with Cindy about Cirque for an article, so she knew about my journalism/creative writing background and asked if I’d curate the exhibition because of that.

“She wanted someone to tell the story of the fashion which featured in Portrush over the decades (1950s-80s), weaving this into the story of the Arcadia and Barry’s (where the fashion show will take place), as a prelude to Cirque.

“So the Fashion Generation exhibition is my take on that and will showcase the key elements of all of this.

“Obviously it won’t be a comprehensive history by any means, as that would be too huge a project, but it will be enough to give a taster and to take people down memory lane. Some local designers are offering their perspective on the Arcadia by designing mood boards and sketches of the fashion through the decades.”

Check out ‘Fashion Generation’ Facebook page for more information.