Churches supporting the new SPARK Outreach Programme

CHURCH leaders gathered at the Mayor's Parlour in Ballymoney last week for the official launch of the SPARK 09 Outreach Prgramme.

Press officer, Dr. James Wilson, thanked the Mayor, Councillor John Finlay, for hosting the launch.

He said: "I am absolutely thrilled that so many of the Reformed churches in Ballymoney have opted to support the initiative.

"I first came across SPARK whilst working amongst the communities in Ballymena, and was impressed how it motivated young Christians to get out of their confounded holy huddles and get out amongst the people, showing the characteristics of the Lord Jesus in their community; loving compassionate, kind, humble - loving their neighbour in practical ways."

The SPARK programme will effectively run from Monday to Saturday, August 10 to 15 and will involve projects such as: litter picks, free face painting, free games, free gospel concerts, night time coffee bars and free football coaching by the highly-acclaimed FIFA approved Coaching 4 Christ team.

The teams will be drawn from local churches and the teaching pastor for the week will be Stephen Kennedy from Indigenous Outreach, Jackson, Tennessee.

In his reply, Cllr. Finlay congratulated the Ballymoney churches on adopting SPARK.

He said: "One hundred and fifty years ago young men from Ballymena carried the spark of the '59 revival to Ballymoney.

"As Mayor of the Borough and a committed Christian, it is my sincere prayer that the actions, deeds and witness of these young people will, indeed, be the spark mightily used by God in transforming lives and reviving our churches again."