Church incident was accident

Police said on Thursday of last week they are satisfied that an incident in which a church window was broken during an evening service in Rasharkin was an accident.

It was originally thought that a stone had been deliberately propelled through the window of the Free Presbyterian church in Rasharkin the previous Sunday night.

However, the parents of a child later contacted the church to explain the child accidentally broke the window.

Both the church and police are now satisfied it was not deliberate.

A mother and her teenage daughter were hit by glass but uninjured when the window was broken and it had been initially feared that it may have been a sectarian attack.

A PSNI statement said: “Following an investigation into a broken window at a Free Presbyterian church in the Finvoy Road area of Rasharkin on 22nd May, the police have now been made aware that the parents of a local young person have been in contact with the Church and explained that this was accidental damage caused by their child. Both the Church and Police are satisfied that there was no malice or sectarian motive involved.”