Church holds its annual meeting

The Annual Business Meeting of Dervock Reformed Presbyterian Church was held in the hall on Friday 4th February at 7.00 pm.

The evening took a different format than previous years opening with a meal. Rev. John A. Hawthorne gave thanks for the food provided and all present enjoyed a splendid three-course meal provided by the ladies.

After this Mr Hawthorne, minister of the congregation, presided. He welcomed all present and the meeting was opened with praise from Psalm 115 verses 8-11 followed by prayer.

Then the Sabbath School prizes were presented. Mr Hawthorne thanked the superintendent, teachers and young people who come and the parents for sending them. The most important thing for our young people is to know Christ. Mr Stephen Hunter, Sabbath School Superintendent, asked his wife, Janice, to present the Sabbath School prizes. The pupils were congratulated on the year’s work, having excellent results in the written and oral examinations.

Business commenced with the secretary reading the minutes of the previous congregational meetings, held on 18th February 2010 and 28th May 2010. Reports of all the congregation’s organisations had previously been typed, bound and circulated to all the members of the congregation.

The reports were presented by the following:

Session - Mr Ivan McConaghie (Clerk).

Committee Mr Archie McKeeman (Secretary), Mr William Bleakly (Treasurer).

Sabbath School - Mr Stephen Hunter (Superintendent), Mr Ivan McConaghie (Treasurer).

Women’s Missionary Association - Mrs Jean McKeeman (Recording Secretary), Miss Eileen Kerr (Treasurer)

Covenanter Youth - Miss Kathryn Lyons (Secretary), Mr Peter McConaghie (Treasurer)

Lighthouse Youth Club & Holiday Bible Club- Mrs Alison McConaghie (Secretary),

Mrs Heather Lyons (H.B.C. Team Leader), Mr Archie McKeeman (Treasurer).

Seniors’ Fellowship - Miss Eileen Kerr (Secretary), Mr Alan Kerr (Treasurer).

Walkers’ Group - Mrs Heather Lyons.

Mr Hawthorne thanked all who had prepared and presented reports, with special thanks to Miss Eileen Kerr for compiling the reports. The nine reports and six financial reports detail a lot of work by different folk of all age groups and different efforts to reach out which include open-air meetings, guest night services and the Lighthouse Youth Club. Mr Hawthorne thanked the precentors, sexton and others who do practical work around the church and grounds.

Mr Hawthorne noted that they had lost three of their senior members through death, Mr Lex McIlmoyle, Mrs Bessie Forsythe and Mr George Hunter.

“Their pews are empty and we miss them, remembering in prayer those who were dear to them. The weakness and frailty of other members were also mentioned as an ongoing matter for prayer,” he said.

Mr William Bleakly was then asked to present the financial report. William highlighted some important aspects of this report; givings remained the same over the year (Freewill Offerings, Synodical, Weekly, Monthly and Mission collections) but it was noted that the Youth Club and Sabbath School collections were down. The Gift Day collection and giving to the building project over the year were really encouraging. Mr Hawthorne thanked William and Ruby for the work they do looking after the finances. Mr Hawthorne commended the congregation for their generosity as commendable, praiseworthy and all to the glory of God. It was good to be in the new church hall and using it for our own use.

These reports were adopted on the motion of Mr Leonard Lyons, and seconded by Mrs Marina McConaghie.

Following the adoption of the reports Mr Hawthorne spoke on the subject of God’s Work and God’s Workers. Pointing first to God’s Work he emphasised that it is a many-sided, suitable and designated work. It is work extending from preaching to providing hospitality, a work that isn’t beyond us because God has given the necessary gifts to his people for its accomplishment and it is a work, which in the last analysis is the Lord’s work.

He spoke next about the way this work is to be done. With the support of various Scripture references he stressed that God’s workers are to do their work diligently, dependently, perseveringly, faithfully, hopefully, cheerfully and urgently. We are thankful, said Mr Hawthorne, for the faithful work done in 2010, but much more remains to be done. Let’s go forth to it in this New Year, showing ourselves to be the Lord’s dedicated workers who don’t need to be ashamed.

Mr Hawthorne closed the meeting with praise from Psalm 90B verses 6-9 and the benediction.