Christmas lights - who will pay for power?

ballymoney Council is to meet with the Chamber of Commerce on the subject of how payment is made for electricity for the town’s Christmas lights.

Council minutes stated: ‘At its meeting on 6th June, Council accepted the lowest tender received that in the sum of £144,272 from JF & H Dowds for carrying out the electrical engineering services contract associated with the Council’s Festive Lighting Scheme for the next five years, starting this year (2011).

‘As members are aware in addition to the erection etc of the lights there is the cost of electricity to be considered which has, in the past, been shared with Ballymoney Chamber of Commerce.

‘Committee is asked to consider, given the Council’s increasing expenditure year on year on the Ballymoney Festive Lighting Scheme, whether or not it wishes to insist on a change in the arrangement which has hitherto been operated.

‘Councillor (John) Finlay (DUP) and Alderman (Harry) Connolly (SDLP) agreed that it would be best to arrange a meeting with Chamber of Commerce reps in order to take the matter forward.

‘It was proposed by Councillor Finlay, seconded by Alderman Connolly and agreed to recommend that Council nominate the Chair and Vice Chair to accompany an officer(s) to an informal meeting with representatives from the Chamber of Commerce to clarify respective responsibilities as regards the Ballymoney Festive Lighting Scheme.’