Charity offers course to prevent debt crisis

Cap Life Skills Ballymoney
Cap Life Skills Ballymoney
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MEMBERS of the local church are set to help people avoid financial crisis by teaching them to save.

CAP Ballymoney has trained with national charity Christians Against Poverty to run a free CAP Life Skills course, and will be welcoming people who want to learn hints and tips for living well on a budget.

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The announcement comes during British Savings Week (19th - 25th September) which encourages people to put away regular savings, however small. Susan Attenborough who is leading the course said: “Whether you have ambitions to travel; want to ensure your child can confidently go on that next school trip, or you want an emergency fund for the car, savings can really take the stress out of finances.”

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Charity CAP which helps more than 17,000 people a year with problem debts discovered that nearly 9 in 10 people had no savings to fall back on when they got into financial difficulty. A shocking 96% of the charity’s debt clients had less than £1,000 to support them when a crisis struck.

Susan said: “Something like eight million of us in the UK have no savings at all and that’s a problem. Unexpected things can happen to all of us and they cost us money. Unless we’re ready for that, we rely on expensive loans, credit cards or we get into trouble with our regular bills.”

“The course we offer helps you get on top of your income and all your outgoings and plan for the future. The sessions will help you piece together the things they never taught you in school and we find that people make new friends as they tackle the same issues together.”

The Life Skills course begins on 6th October 2016, and runs from 11am – 1pm in The Old Schoolhouse at St. Patrick’s Parish, Ballymoney. Anyone who wants to book their place can do so by calling Susan on 0775 360 2957.