Chairman’s sadness at passing of Association secretary

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Sirs - The whole community of Armoy have been greatly saddened with the passing of Dr Mary Burns - she will be sorely missed.

Having met Gerry she moved to Armoy in 1992. She has been an inspiration and a great friend all the years I have known her. In 1994 she was instrumental in forming Armoy Community Association. She became the association secretary and has worked tirelessly for the community ever since. Mary was inspired by her love of people. We needed ideas - Mary had lots of those and she was the key-pin to ensuring the they became a reality.

Funds were raised and in 2000 the Tilly Molloy centre was built.

This was central to Mary’s ideal of a cross-community venue where everyone could share good times together and provided facilities for a Community Office, Sure-Start and the Children’s Playgroup. The village was further enhanced with a new bus shelter, footpaths and lighting.

The banks of the River Bush were tidied up and a Children’s Playground and the Riverside Park with its Armoy Armada trail were created. Just before her illness Mary successfully negotiated the way to getting a pharmacy for the village and instigated the current Shared Neighbourhood Programme. All this and more was achieved in a very quiet way and her family can be justifiably proud. On behave of our community I extend our sincere condolences to Gerry, Rionach, Thomas, Conleth and Timothy.

Yours sincerely,

John Ward

Chairman - Armoy Community Association