Causeway Women’s Aid courses

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Causeway Women’s Aid in Coleraine delivers a range of personal development programmes including:

Journey to Freedom (12 weeks): This programme is designed to enable women to explore the impact of domestic abuse on their lives. It also identifies patterns of abuse. The programme provides knowledge to enable women to build self confidence, make informed choices and create positive change in their lives. It also encourages women to explore safety strategies and options.

(SEADS) Self Esteem and Digital Safety (12 weeks): This programme is designed to enable women to develop self confidence and resilience and to develop personal resources and positive life skills. It helps women develop and understanding of the types of abuse and how to reduce the risk of abuse. SEADS explores how to build and maintain positive relationships whilst increasing knowledge of safety planning and provides skills to combat digital stalking.

You and Me Mum (10 weeks): This programme focuses on how domestic violence can affect women and their children. It aims to empower, support and develop women’s understanding of their role as mothers by addressing the needs of children and young people who have lived with domestic abuse.

Essential Skills (one academic year) they also run Essential Skills courses for women in English, Mathematics and IT as required.

For further information on any of these courses or to make a referral please contact: Catriona O Meara 07514266898, (028) 70356573, Causeway Women’s Aid, The Women’s Centre, 23 Abbey Street.