Causeway Coast and Glens Heritage Trust wins Water Environment Community Award

The Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) has awarded the Causeway Coast and Glens Heritage Trust £1,000 for their inspiring environmental improvement project.

The Water Environment Community Awards, organised by NIEA, aim to help people in communities across Northern Ireland deliver projects that will enhance the quality of their local rivers, as well as inform and inspire others with their actions.

Causeway Coast and Glens Heritage Trust will be working with children from two primary schools who will be acting as ‘water detectives.’. They will interview a range of people from surfers to farmers and water quality inspectors to develop a story of the River Bann through digital media.

Dave Foster, NIEA’s Director of Environmental Protection said: “One of Northern Ireland’s most valuable resources is its natural water environment. It underpins our local economy as well as our health and well-being. It is important that we all appreciate and enjoy our local water environment, as well as doing our bit to help protect and improve it.

“This group have demonstrated their commitment to protecting and improving the river in their area. I hope that their efforts over the next few months will inspire others to do their bit too and I would urge people to follow these projects and share what they see.”

Eight other groups received awards representing the nine River Basin Catchment Stakeholder Groups across Northern Ireland.