Case shows lethal element of drugs

The recent conviction and sentencing of 27-year-old Ballycastle man David Watson shows another lethal element of drug misuse, according to police who investigated the case.

Tuesday, 9th July 2013, 9:23 am

David Watson pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of 39-year-old Patrick Martin Sean Morgan, at Antrim Crown Court on April 16 and was sentenced to 18 months at the end of June after he prepared and injected heroin for another man, causing his death.

A second man, William John Agnew, 49, admitted possession of heroin was sentenced to 12 months for possession of the class A drug.

Detective Chief Inspector Tracey Mageean commented on the prosecution and sentencing:

“Police are pleased at this prosecution, coming amidst tragic circumstances.

“It can often be difficult to obtain a conviction in such cases so I commend the officers for their professionalism throughout this complex investigation.

“This sad death came as a direct result of drug misuse.

“The case demonstrates the lethal nature of drugs and the downward spiral of death or imprisonment that can result when people involve themselves in drugs like heroin.

“Drug users should always be aware of the consequences of their actions, as sadly brought home by this case.

“The links between drug abuse, criminality and death have been well made but there is help and support available for people who want to turn things around.

“Local GPs or substance misuse support groups can be a starting point for those who want to stay clear of the danger that Patrick Morgan sadly fell victim fell to”.

More information and support - Addiction NI can be contacted on 028 9066 4434 or see their website