Carey man’s sudden passing leaves community devastated

THERE has been great sadness in the community around Carey and Ballycastle at the sudden death of Mr. Danny McKinley.

Tuesday, 16th August 2011, 12:10 pm

Mr. McKinley, a well-known and popular figure in the area, passed away suddenly on Monday of last week.

He was just 42 and the previous day had celebrated his 12th wedding anniversary with his wife, Veronica.

The father of three young children, Mr. McKinley lived at Glenmakeernan and carried on a successful farming business.

His tragic death has caused much grief to a close knit family and the funeral to St. Patrick’s Church, Culfeightrin Church on Wednesday of last week was one of the largest seen in the district for years with many being unable to get into the Chapel.

A family member commented: “Danny was a straightfoward, decent chap who just lived for his family.

“He loved life and his untimely passing is a real tragedy for everyone. He will be sorely missed.

“Danny and his wife Veronica (37) had known each other for 20 years so you could say they were childhood sweethearts.

“The day before his death both of them celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary and went to Ballycastle for a meal and spent some time at the Marconi Festival.

“He was a devoted father and it’s particularly distressing for the children, Eoin, Conlith and Maeve, who are ten years and under.”

A keen sportsman in his younger years, Mr. McKinlay hurled for Carey Faughs and was a staunch supporter of the club both on and off the pitch.

The club were devastated to learn of his passing and the huge turn out from officials and players at the funeral service was testimony to the esteem in which he was held.

Indeed, the entire community came in large numbers to pay their respects to a man whose family values can be gauged by the fact that he was runner-up in a prestigious Dad of the Year competition.

“That tells you something about the respect Danny had from his family,” a close family member said.

Rev. Raymond Fulton, PP. officiated at the funeral and paid tribute to Mr. McKinley’s work and worth throughout his life.

Mr. McKinlay is survived by his wife, Veronica, children, Owen (6), Conlaith (8) and Maeve (10). He is also survived by his mother, Theresa, two sisters, Mabel and Mary Theresa and by a brother Pat, to whom much sympathy is extended.

The family are indebted to the many people who have shown great support to them during the these difficult days.