Careers at Cross and Passion

Year 8 pupils during 'Your School,  Your Business' INBM45-14
Year 8 pupils during 'Your School, Your Business' INBM45-14
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Cross and Passion College actively encourages pupils to consider their career prospects as they progress through the different stages of their school education.

Year 8’s recently took part in ‘Your School, Your Business’, a project about what their school can do for them and what they can do for their school to make the most of their opportunities. The Year 9’s had a Young Enterprise workshop related to being an entrepreneur where they had to use the 4 P’s of the Marketing mix – Product, Price, Promotion and Place. The Year 10’s were involved in ‘Project Business’ during which they made and sold a product to make a profit.

The workshops for the GCSE pupils had a greater emphasis on their career choice and the skills they would need. The Year 11’s took part in ‘Learn to Earn’ which required them to think about what lifestyle they have or want to have in the future, what they need to earn to achieve this and then what type of job will match that and finally what qualifications they need to get that lifestyle. The Year 12’s worked on success skills, study skill and presentation skills; all of which will help them when applying for jobs, filling in forms and doing interviews.

Year 14 studentsattended a seminar on ‘Personal Economics’ where they learned about how easy it is to get into debt and how to avoid this.