Cancer patients to receive £100 Winter Fuel Payment

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North Antrim DUP MLA Mervyn Storey has welcomed the fact that eligible cancer patients will receive their £100 winter fuel payment by the end of February.

Speaking after Health Minister Edwin Poots made the announcement Mr Storey said:

“Many people suffering with cancer find that it becomes increasingly difficult to pay their bills. Ongoing financial burdens and commitments coupled with the physical affects of cancer and the severe side effects of treatment can have a serious impact.

“That is why the announcement of this £100 payment is so welcome. It will certainly help during the winter months.

“Among those eligible are people who have received surgery for cancer within the qualifying period 13 June 2011 to 18 December 2011; people who have received radiotherapy, chemotherapy or palliative care for cancer within the same qualifying period or people for whom a decision is made, during the qualifying week of 12 to 18 December 2011, to provide treatment for cancer in the form of surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy or palliative care.

“GPs will now be posting a form out to those eligible for this £100 payment. It will be a simple form that will only require patients to sign it and return to the address stated. They will then receive a cheque through the post.

“This is welcome news and will be of benefit to many people.”