Can you help find Rumpus a home?

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Homeless feline OAPs are being routinely overlooked despite cats living longer, happier lives, according to Cats Protection’s Coleraine Branch.

The Coleraine Branch says improvements in cat care have greatly raised the life expectancy and quality of life for cats aged over 11, including Rumpus, who is currently in the branch’s care.

However, the bad news is that owners still appear to choose a cute, fluffy kitten or young cat over an older cat – putting a massive strain on the charity.

Alison Hagan, Branch Coordinator said: “While 10 years ago the household moggy could have been expected to live to around 13, today’s life expectancy is much higher and we have seen many cats surviving to their late teens and early 20s in remarkably good health.

“However, their longer existence places us under strain because older cats can block up pen spaces for many months, which means we are unable to help other needy cats or kittens until the older ones are found new homes.

“It is a shame because older cats have a lot to offer, as they tend to be lap cats and have much more settled personalities. Though Cats Protection does its very best to care for all the cats in its care, life in a pen is no substitute for a permanent home so I would urge people to consider adopting an older cat.”

One older cat in desperate need of a home is Rumpus, a stunning 11 year old cat whose elderly owner recently passed away. She is very friendly and in good health and would fit into many homes. The only mystery about her is only having half a tail but it doesn’t seem to bother her at all.

For advice about caring for cats, or to offer a cat a home, please call the Coleraine Branch on 07488 527 707 or email