Can our Times readers help Tracy to find her birth father?

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An Essex woman who was adopted in the 1960s is appealing to Ballymoney and Moyle Times readers to help her trace her birth father.

Tracy Roberts was born to Mrs Jean Margaret Rosentreder (nee Seabrook) in Catford in south east London in 1966 and adopted.

“We know that in October or November 1965 mum met a guy after a dance in Southend,” Tracy told the Times.

“Over the years I have found my birth mother and her family.

“Now mum has passed away without leaving any details and the family members that are left are too young to know anything about my real father.

Tracy decided to register with a DNA database which matches people with similar gene pools.

Coincidentally through this process, she was able to find a second cousin who had also been adopted and who had also chosen to use the DNA database to trace her birth parents.

Tracy explained: “After communicating with her I discovered that her cousins could be my grandfather or father.

“She had researched her cousins back to Ballymoney.

“So I would love to know if anyone in Ballymoney knows mum or knows anyone who was living or working in Southend in Essex or anywhere near there before or after November 1965.”

If anyone has any information and would like to get in contact with Tracy, you can email her at Or you can contact the Ballymoney and Moyle Times and we will pass on the information.