Can Jail and Bail!

Castlecroft in Ballymoney was a hive of activity on Saturday, with local charity CAN holding a Jail n Bail Fundraiser!

Tuesday, 2nd September 2014, 7:00 am
COW ABOUT THAT! Pictured are members of Can Can Recycling, who held a Jail 'n Bail to raise some funds on Friday at Castlecroft. Also included dressed up as a 'cow' is boss Linda McKendry.INBM36-14 009SC.

Some of our local celebrities were locked up in aid of CAN, convicted of crimes such as “over-exposure on the BBC”, “excessive santerin” and “crimes against fashion”, and were accompanied by CAN Mascot, Charlie the Cow.

Although the weather was miserable, the good folks of Ballymoney were supportive as ever and got behind both collectors and prisoners.

There were also circus performances for the kids where some of CAN’s own Circus Troupe had braved the weather to showcase their skills.

I'M NOT 'LIKEN IT'. Pictured behind bars during the Can Can's 'Jail 'n Bail' fundraising event on Friday at Castlecroft is Aaron Liken.INBM36-14 010SC.

CAN is a local charity based in Ballymoney which offers training, employment and leisure opportunities for people with learning disabilities. All proceeds raised will go to support local people with learning disabilities and CAN would like to express their sincere thanks to all the local celebrities and councillors who graciously put themselves behind bars for a great cause; Mervyn Storey, Johnny Donaghy, Chris McIlmoyle, Ian Stevenson, Darryl Wilson, Gary Blair, Anne Morrison Smyth, Jackie Blair, Aaron Liken.

Special thanks also to the support of our local business owners who kindly allowed collections at their doors - Biestys Centra, Supervalu Ballymoney, Glebeside Spar and the Post Office. And once again thanks to everyone who donated!

Sylvia McCaughan, CAN, stated “This was a fantastic event which was very well supported by both the people of Ballymoney, and our local personalities who very kindly gave up their free time and allowed us to lock them up for a hour.

“To find out more about how YOU can help your local charity, contact CAN at 20 Seymour Street, Ballymoney, Tel: 028 2766 9030.”