Calling all film buffs...!

Philip Henry
Philip Henry

Compass Advocacy Network (CAN) in Ballymoney is to host the first public showing of a selection of short films made by local group, North Coast Film Collective.

The group was set up a year ago by local writer and film-maker Philip Henry to stimulate film-making around the North Coast.

“While I was making my movie Noirland I was inundated with emails from local people wanting to get involved,” Philip explains. “I realised there just aren’t very many opportunities around here, as most film-making in Northern Ireland takes place in Belfast. I started the group to give people new to film-making the opportunity and support to take that first step, whether it’s behind the camera or in front.”

With the help of the group’s more experienced members donating their time and talent for free, the NCFC is able to make films for next to nothing.

“Our first short film was made in a day,” Philip says. “Most of these short films are made with nothing more than time, sweat and favours.”

Since then the members of the group have gone on to make five more films, with subjects ranging from suicide awareness and anxiety, to revenge and teenage spies. Also showing is Love Bites, Philip’s own short film based on the first chapter of his novel Vampire Dawn.

Some group members have gone on to receive funding from Northern Ireland Screen. “If you can impress NIS with what you can do without a budget, they’re much more likely to consider you for funding,’ says Philip. ‘That’s what we’re trying to help newcomers with.”

All six films are between 10 and 15 minutes long, and will be showing at the Compass Advocacy Network (CAN), Seymour Street on October 4th at 8pm.

The NCFC meets on the first Tuesday of every month at 8pm in the back room of Daniel Gillan’s pub in Ballymoney.

“We always have a couple of projects in development and we’re always looking for more,’ Philip says. ‘We do read-throughs and have discussions to try to hone the scripts to be the best they can be. That’s always the first step.”

Philip is hoping for a good turnout to the event: “It will be the first time most of these films have been seen by the public, so I hope we get a good crowd to encourage the film-makers to keep going. Making movies in NI isn’t easy and a little support goes a long way.”

The event is open to everyone. If you’re a film fan, or maybe want to get involved in the group yourself, come along and support these local film-makers.

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