Call for tolerance and peacefulness

Cllr Ian Stevenson
Cllr Ian Stevenson

Councillor Ian Stevenson has spoken out about the 12th July in Ballycastle.

In a statement to the Times, he called for ‘tolerance’ and for people to be able to express their ‘culture peacefully’.

He continued: “The day in Ballycastle was an enjoyable one for me, at least until the evening. We do not have to agree with what others believe but tolerance is a great thing and people should be able to express their peaceful culture peacefully.

“For the far greater part this was the case, in my opinion. Intolerance should never be rewarded and people should seek to be law abiding. Even without a councillors code of conduct, I have always believed this to be the case.

“From previous experience I have been aware of bomb scares at parades but we should be mindful that the twelfth is a family day and young children, were shown the wrong example of how some supposed grown ups behave.

“As is the case, Ballycastle is a beautiful place to parade around, has been there for many years and will be there for many years to come as a hopefully shared space for all.

“The intolerance of a small minority should not be the story but rather the many good people who helped make an otherwise enjoyable day for the many who came.”