Call for ‘Big Belly Bins’

TUV councillor Sharon McKillop has welcomed Moyle Council’s decision to investigate the possibility of introducing ‘Big-Belly’ bins to Bushmills. Cllr McKillop had proposed that Moyle Council complete a feasibility study regarding the introduction of solar ‘BigBelly’ bins with the view of placing two such bins in Bushmills Millennium Park.

Cllr McKillop said: “Bushmills Millennium Park currently has three bins which are constantly overflowing and during the summer months attract wasps. Such is the problem that a local residents group has requested that I raise the issue on their behalf. I believe the placement of two ‘Big-Belly’ bins could prove the solution to this problem and could also realise a saving for the Council as collection costs could be slashed by a staggering 70%.

“Savings can be easily made as BigBelly bin takes up roughly the same footprint of an existing street bin but, because of a built in compactor, can hold eight times more waste than the average bin.

“I understand that Larne Council recently became the first local council in Northern Ireland to adopt the solar bins and has now installed 19 solar-powered compactor bins at sites along the Antrim Coast and in some other beauty spots in the area. I would therefore urge Councillors to support this proposal and follow the fine example set by our neighbouring Larne Council.”