Cairns Residents are on their bikes for the Giro

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With the Giro D’Italia fast approaching, Cairns Residents Group from Cushendall wanted to do their bit to cheer on the cyclists and set about giving a bus shelter situated a few hundred yards from the Cairns estates a huge makeover!

Armed with a budget of £100, the group bought wood, paint and flowers to decorate the dull and dilapidated bus shelter. They found a couple of old bicycles and painted them. Some of the men from the area went and tidied up the rubbish lying about the shelter and re-exposed the flags and steps around it and cut the grass before the ladies stepped in to add the finishing touches and transformed the shelter and its surroundings . There have been many photos taken from passing tourists and indeed the shelter has even made the pages of the Daily Mirror! The group are delighted that their efforts have been seen so far a field.

Glens SDLP councilor Margaret Anne McKillop who is secretary of the group said that the group would also like to wish the Giro cyclists the best of luck in the Giro D’Italia.

“We would just like to thank Moyle District Council for their imput for the project. It is great to see such community spirit in the Glens with so many people/businesses getting involved in turning the Glens pink and she would like to congratulate everyone that has got involved and encourage everyone to come out and watch the race.”