Want to lose a stone in a week? Well read Ursula’s story to find out how....!

ARE you stressing over what you’ll wear this summer? Does your old swimsuit not fit? Worried you’re so out of shape you’ll look silly wearing those revealing summer clothes? After indulging all winter, it’s time to make a change and get that summer body you’ve always dreamed about - but don’t panic!

Having a sleek summer body is easier than you might imagine thanks to Fitness Factor in Dunloy.

Located at the Sport Academy in the town, Fitness Factor is the brainchild of Jimmy Millar who has over 16-years experience as a fitness instructor, personal trainer and gym owner.

Fitness Factor opened to the public in January this year and already has 172 dedicated members - one being Ursula McKendry from Dunloy.

The mother of two was at an all time low and desperate to lose weight having hit 14 stone 12lb after Christmas. However within a week of joining Fitness Factor’s diet and exercise plan, Ursula shed a record stone and is still losing weight.

Ursula tells her story: “I was really down after Christmas and knew I had to do something to lose the weight before the summer so I joined Fitness Factor and was introduced to Jimmy and Jeff’s diet and fitness plan.

“To begin with I thought it was horrendous and the first week was really tough. I had to cut out the foods that were bad for me, this left me with headaches and lack of energy.

“I also went to the gym five days a week from Monday to Friday and attended some of the fitness classes - it really was a nightmare. However I was desperate to lose weight and vowed to stick at it - no pain no gain as they say.

“To my amazement after a week of the programme my headaches disappeared, I had loads more energy and felt absolutely fantastic. But that wasn’t all...when I had my weigh-in at the end of the week I’d lost a stone which was totally unbelievable. I’d dropped to 13 stone 12lb and felt amazing.

“The pain had been all worthwhile and my future seemed so much brighter - I couldn’t wait to see what week two was going to bring.”

Fitness Factor offers all the most state-of-the-art gym facilities plus daily classes including metabolic and kettle bell sessions. There’s also a weight management programme called ‘Clean up and Lean up’.

Jimmy explained: “Clean up and Lean up is a four week weight loss plan which offers exercise and nutrition advice as well as a weekly weigh-in. We give clients expert guidance on what to eat and what not to eat, offer recipes as well as ask them to keep a food diary. Exercise is important to so we suggest what exercises to do and how often and are also there to answer questions, help with any problems and offer encouragement.

“Once the four week plan is over clients can then take part in phases two and three where we try to help them with diet changes including re-introducing food types and future weight management.

“We have found that clients on the plan on average lose between six to 14lbs in the first week and then continue to lose pounds each week. As you have heard with Ursula, the weight keeps just dropping off her, quite literally, and she’s thoroughly enjoying getting fitter and healthier.

“However don’t just take our word for it, come along and try it out - you’ve heard about the X-Factor well why not try the Fitness Factor?

The Ballymoney and Moyle Times will be following Ursula’s weight loss programme so watch this space.

A special offer includes unlimited use of the gym and classes for £19.99 a month!