UUP welcome car parking scheme

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Ballymoney Ulster Unionist Party representatives Cllr. Tom McKeown and Darryl Wilson have welcomed the announcement by Minister Danny Kennedy that the scheme which brought lower parking rates for 25 towns in Northern Ireland over the Christmas period will now be rolled out as a pilot scheme.

The five hours parking for a £1 scheme is expected to last for up to six months.

The reduction will apply to Roads Service car parks in 25 towns and cities, excluding Belfast, that have a tariff of 30p or more per hour.

Drivers will still be able pay for normal tariffs under £1 in each car park and normal tariffs over five hours still apply.

“It is fantastic news that town centres are getting this boost, great news for local businesses and great news for the public,” they said.

“This is just the latest initiative from Danny Kennedy that is designed to both save the public money and attract more people into town centres - like the freeze on car parking charges and a zero increase on Translink fairs for 2014.”