Make most of oil price fall

MANY north Antrim people seeking to fill up their oil tanks as the colder evenings return have been making the most of price reductions in recent weeks.

The price of the average 900 litre tank fill dropped in some places by over £20 although in the few outlets we spoke to there did not appear to be any ten per cent price drops as reported in some other areas.

On Thursday of last week the Times contacted a number of outlets and the lowest price we could find was £503.

Most prices in local outlets were down around £20 down on the basis of a drop of two pence per litre on the price the previous week and had fallen from higher prices of almost £550 earlier this year.

But the oil price market is volatile and at the time of going to press it remained to be see if the lower prices would remain.

Another outlet last Thursday had a price of £510, another was £512 and another was £515.

One local householder said: “These drops may not be very big but £20 is better in my pocket than in the bank account of one of these oil firms.

“A lot of people think about getting oil in at this time of the year and hopefully now is a good time to buy. The people in the trade I spoke to don’t seem to be able to say if it will drop further or rise so you just don’t know with oil prices.

“But any saving on the oil looks as if it will be off-set with an increase in electricity prices which appears to be on the way,” said the householder.