Go for it at Acorn Business Centre

There’s plenty of opportunity for learning and training at Acorn Business Centre in Ballymoney over the next few months.

The first of the Business Centre’s 2011 ‘Go for It’ programmes starts on 1st February. It is delivered over three consecutive weeks on Tuesday and Thursday evenings starting at 6pm each evening.

Francis Ashe, Acorn Manager, has seen many hundreds of people come through previous courses. He says, “We know that many people are hesitant about joining the programme because they think that some kind of special talent is needed to start your own business. That’s not the case, however the programme is for people with talent, maybe to see how something could be done differently, to identify a niche product or service, to use years and years of good experience, to unshackle creativity, apply a good education or perhaps to turn a hobby into a livelihood. Many millions of ordinary people have taken the route to working for themselves. They thought about it, did the research, created a plan to do it and then did it.”

You too can take charge of your own destiny and change your circumstances – such as getting out of that company you dislike, getting away from people you would rather not be with, recover from redundancy, get the work-life balance into order, get better paid or start to do new work more appropriate to your health circumstances”.

The Acorn manager is especially keen to encourage anyone who has suffered redundancy to call at the Centre to discuss the option of self-employment.

IT Training at Acorn

February 2010 also sees the resumption of Computer Learn IT training at the Acorn Business Centre. The Centre offers several short IT training courses for beginners and more advanced users in a comfortable, spacious and bright training facility. The courses are open to anyone but have also been delivered to groups of employees from local companies. Most courses do not have exams however Acorn Business Centre has OCR accreditation and can offer OCR IT qualifications.

Online Business training at Acorn

eBay is the main platform for any business to take their products to worldwide customers – immediately. E-Bay will increase sales by providing:

The ability to sell current or surplus stock

The facility for the world to be able to view your products

More possibilities to grow with minimal amount of effort

The financial risks are extremely low in comparison with the costs of starting out with the traditional option of retail premises. The Acorn Business Centre can provide all the information and direction you need to take your business online – the Centre is providing a series of eBay evenings starting late January 2011 to help local budding entrepreneurs become aware of what eBay can offer. The training is provided by local business owner of Computer Learn and tutor, Elvin Cochrane, who has had many years experience of buying and selling on eBay. Take advantage of this dedicated eBay seminar to make eBay pay for you! Cost of the seminar is £20.

Contact the Acorn Business Centre on 028 2766 6133 to find out more about Go for It, Computer Training and EBAY Seminars.