Finlay: ‘Town has bright future’


DUP Alderman, John Finlay, has stressed the importance of the retail sector to Ballymoney’s economy, and has said that every effort is being made to revitalise Main Street.

Alderman Finlay said: “Ballymoney has been affected in recent years by economic and social trends which have led to a decline in the local retailing scene, with a resultant closure of some shops.

“However, I believe that Ballymoney has a bright future as a shopping town, and, while politicians have limited influence over the strategic decisions of the business world, I am doing all in my power to attract new retail outlets to the town centre.

“In particular, I believe that this is a time of opportunity for Main Street, which is in many ways the iconic face of Ballymoney. Some retailers on the street are retiring, but I am optimistic that their places will be taken by new businesses,” he concluded.