Did you treat your Mary Ann to some dulse and PINK man?

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We have already seen pink fish and chips in Bushmills and a pink tractor at Ballintoy but now Giro d’Italia fever has hit Ballycastle and its finest traditional sweet treat.

For Conor Maguire of The Sweetie Jar on Ann Street has turned the Lammas Fair favourite Yellow Man...yes...you’ve guessed it...PINK!

Conor explained: “Having attended a presentation on The Giro d’Italia given by Moyle District Council, local businesses were being encouraged to try do something that is different or unique with their shop windows, menus, entertainment nights or any other quirky ideas that may just generate some interest in the weeks running up to and during the race.

“I had read in the press that one Bushmills takeaway had started using pink batter on the fish they are selling and another gentleman in Ballintoy had gone to the bother of painting a complete tractor pink and so this got me thinking what could I do in pink that would be really different and would work with the Giro theme.

“For some reason dulse and Yellow Man was the first thing that came into my head.

“I knew I couldn’t do much with the dulse but The Yellow Man - that was another story! So from this idea has sprung a temporary change to one of the two local delights.

“I am pleased to say that we now have in stock in The Sweetie Jar Shop dulse and Pink Man. A good old favourite paying homage to the Giro d’Italia, its competitors and all the visitors that the race will bring to Ballycastle.”