Clean sweep for Ballymoney

Ballymoney Chamber of Commerce has welcomed progress to date on the town spruce up campaign which aims to improve the physical environment of the town centre through a targeted cleaning and painting programme.

Speaking at the review meeting on Friday Chamber President Mrs Winnifred Mellett commented: “Although work has been ongoing for only a couple of weeks there has been a tremendous improvement in the removal of litter and weeds from car parks and other public areas in the town.

“Future plans include improvement of derelict property in conjunction with property owners and volunteer organisations.”

She continued: “Our town must be welcoming to every visitor and provide an environment that people from all walks of life can enjoy to the full. The Chamber aim to ensure our town centre is a “place for people” by responding to concerns over social problems. With the support of other agencies and the local community we can create a safe and pleasant environment for everyone.”

Cllr John Finlay, Chair of the Development Committee congratulated the Chamber on its initiative and commended all those involved in the project stating: “I endorse this initiative and am pleased that Council has been able to provide some support towards its implementation. A clean and safe town plays an important part in the overall package whether you are trying to attract new customers or new investment. This practical partnership with the Chamber augers well as we consider the further plans to improve and enhance the town centre.”