Audio speaker contract for Kilrea engineering firm

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Audio manufacturer, Linn, has teamed up with Hutchinson Group, including the services of Hutchinson Engineering and H360 Design, to source bespoke base and stand components for the recently-launched 530 speaker, part of the new Linn Series 5 range of music systems.

The Hutchinson Group completed work on the components for the speakers which, along with an Akurate Exakt DSM network music player, comprise a complete high-end audio system retailing at approximately £12,000.

Linn is world-renowned for its precision engineered products with exemplary build quality, and this led them to seek consultation from industry leaders the Hutchinson Group – the ‘engineering solutions provider’ – to assist with the manufacture of the speaker stand.

Iain Redley, Product Design Engineer at Linn said: “We worked closely with Ian Ferguson and the team at H360 to perfect the design for the base of the speaker for the 530 System. The team were phenomenal and aided greatly with the design and engineering of bespoke components of the base and stand.

“H360 were an obvious choice for tailor-made engineering design services. We found the team to be incredibly professional and their services to be of the highest standards – which is a perfect match for us as we only offer our customers the very best.”