Business as usual at BARK...

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The land on which BARK (Benvardin Animal Rescue Kennel) is situated has been put up for sale - but it’s still business as usual for the kennels.

A ‘For Sale’ sign was erected on the premises on Friday and the charity was quick to inform its supporters that BARK, which rescues and cares for lost cats and dogs, is working closely with its bank to obtain funding to buy the site “to secure the future of Benvardin Kennels and the many animals that we rescue and re-home”.

Sean McIntyre from BARK told the Times yesterday: “The sign went up on Friday and within hours, people were coming into our Ballymoney shop asking had we closed down.

“That’s why we want to dispel the rumours.

“In a nut shell, the more money we can raise for a deposit then the more chance there is of the bank giving us a mortgage for the remainder to help keep Benvardin Kennels open.

“Over the past four years at BARK we have put in so much time and effort to help these animals and we are not giving up without a fight!”

The registered charity, which also educates the public about pet ownership, has set up a donation site via paypal using the email address