Bushmills Distillery scheme ‘important’ for area - McIlroy

COUNCILLOR Robert McIlroy says it is so important that new developments regarding the Old Bushmills Distillery are not stymied by planners.

He was speaking at a meeting of Moyle Council where it was heard planners are currently of the opion to refuse an application from the Distillery for a proposed new office building providing a new reception area, public spaces and meeting and office areas associated with stores, toilet and kitchen facilities and 16 additional staff car parking spaces.

Planners said the proposal is contrary their policy in that the site lies within Bushmills Conservation Area and the development would, if permitted, detract from its character and appearance.

A planning officer said they have no problem in principle with the scheme but the materials are not in keeping with the Conservation Area.

Cllr McIlroy asked for and was granted extra time for the architects to consult with planners and added: “It is so important for us to try and accommodate the situation at the Bushmills Distillery”.