Bushmills Community Centre work on hold for new reports

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Work on Bushmills Community Centre has been put on hold until a strategic overview has been completed, Moyle District Council has decided.

Initially at Monday night’s meeting, councillors were asked to decide whether to proceed with an improvement scheme costing £75,000.

This scheme would have seen the building of an additional small galley kitchen and storage.

Cllr Sandra Hunter called for approval of the scheme saying that the Community Centre was “bursting at the seams”.

Her proposal was seconded by Cllr Padraig McShane who said it was a “minimal spend” to upgrade a facility which had “considerable user figures”.

Cllr Joan Baird queried whether the repairs were ”make shift”, saying that Council should be looking at whether the building was actually fit for purpose.

“Are we sticking on a patch or looking for a new garment?” she asked.

Chairman Donal Cunningham reminded councillors that they had a recommendtion to vote on but added that there was a review being carried out by the new cluster Causeway Coast and Glens Couuncil and asked did members want to defer a decision until they had the stratgeic plan in front of them?

Cllr David McAllister said the building was not “fit for purpose”, adding: “If we are going to spend, let’s build a new hall that IS fit for purpose.”

Cllr Cara McShane said she believed the strategic overview would be completed by October and suggested deferring a decision until then. She agreed that the proposed repairs were only a “sticking plaster”.

Moyle Council officer Esther Mulholland told members that her department was also about to undertake a Community Service Programme development plan which could also be considered alongside the strategic plan.

It was decided to defer making a decision on the planned work on the Community Centre with Cllr Sandra Hunter saying she was “only just happy” to agree.