‘Bushmills at War’ exhibition

THE ‘Bushmills at War’ exhibition opens in Dunluce Parish Church Hall on Saturday July 7.

As usual there is the long list of names from both wars and a huge amount of material from the two eras.

As in other years there are items that have been handed in for display, many of them not seen before on public display.

This year there is the added attraction of the statue being planned in memory of Robert Quigg VC.

Donations can be handed in on any of the days while the exhibition is on and the organisers hope the people of Bushmills will get behind the statue plan and have it in place by 2016, the centenary of the Battle of the Boyne where Quigg won his Victoria Cross.

A number of items related to Robert Quigg have been found and it is hoped to display them at the exhibition.

Robert Thompson said: “The gentleman who has attended our exhibition from the beginning, Vince Cooke, has been unwell lately and has decided not to come over from Birmingham this year. He will be missed with his American jeep but maybe someone will fill the gap for us.

“Vince has been a good friend to the exhibition and hopefully he recovers well enough to come over again next year.

“A number of local items have been handed in for the display and it is hoped that people will search their houses as there are lots of medals and other items that never see the light of day lying in drawers just forgotten about. It would be nice to have these things on display and to remember the people who won them.”

The exhibition starts each day at 10am and closes at 7.30pm. Sunday is 2pm-5pm.