Burglars hit charity shop again

BURGLARS have targeted a charity shop in Ballymoney for the second time in a month, writes Nevin Farrell.

And the weekend raid is believed to have been the third recent break-in at Main Street charity shops in the town.

In the latest burglary, the Barnardo’s charity shop was targeted some time over the weekend and in fact it was the second time those premises have been entered by burglars within a month.

Those two raids follow a break-in at the Ulster Cancer Foundation shop at Main Street in September.

A spokeswoman for the Barnardo’s shop told the Times on Monday morning, staff were disgusted that they had been targeted again.

She said: “We were broken into over the weekend and the thieves got in through a small window. A back room was ransacked and they have gone through the shelves and a tin of shortbread was opened but at this stage we are not 100 per cent sure if anything was taken from the shop.”

£450 was taken from the Barnardo’s shop in Ballymoney during the previous break-in.

The spokeswoman said: “It is sickening that people would do this to a charity shop and for this to happen two times in a month is unbelievable.

“But this won’t put us off and we will continue to work to raise money and we are sure local people will rally round and continue to donate to us and support us.”

Police will be keen to establish if the same intruders are behind the raids on the charity premises in the centre of Ballymoney.

One unconfirmed theory is that a young person or small adult is involved as they can squeeze in though small windows and then open the door to accomplices.

During the recent raid on the Ulster Cancer Foundation shop the brazen night-time raiders helped themselves to cups of tea.

Also in recent days hot food premises at Castle Street, Ballymoney, were entered by thieves.

Entry was through a rear window around 2.15am on Monday and a small amount of cash was stolen.

Police want to hear from anyone who noticed suspicious activity around the hot food premises between 2am and 2.30am on Monday and at the Barnardo’s premises over the weekend.

Anyone with information can contact police on 08456008000 or phone the Crimestoppers charity phone number 0800555111.