Brian's modern way of making music around the world

A Ballymoney musician is at the helm of what has become an international musical collaboration.

Saturday, 14th May 2016, 3:08 pm

Brian Chestnutt has been involved in the music industry for many years, following it the footsteps of his well known musician dad Willie Chestnutt.

A vocalist and guitarist, Brian and his group Chestnutt Groove have released a new single called ‘To Tell You The Truth I Lied’.

That would be an exciting enough development for any group but when you take into account the fact that NONE of the musicians has ever actually met or played together in person, it makes the track release all the more remarkable.

Brian has been acquainted with his fellow musicians for many years due to his working at various festivals with many musicians but the members of Chestnutt Groove are spread all over the world.

The drummer is in Serbia, the acoustic guitarist in Canada and lead guitarist in England.

Brian takes up the story: “Chestnutt Groove has been going for just over a year, it’s a purely online get together. There’s me from Ballymoney on vocals and rhythm guitars, Tim from Canada on acoustic guitars, Paul from Warwickshire who does lead guitars and bass and Milos who does the drums is from Serbia.

“How it works is we decide on a song, we all have studios in our houses, either Paul, Tim or myself lays down a rough guitar backing which we add vocals to. That gets emailed to Milos in Serbia who makes up a proper drum track which gets sent back to Paul (in England) who adds bass and a wee bit of guitar, sent back then to Tim (in Canada) who then adds a proper acoustic rhythm which gets sent back to me for vocal and harmony.

“Then we listen to it, decide what else it needs, the whole process starts again until we think it’s perfect and then it gets sent off again for a final master. It sounds complicated but it’s not.

“This is not a new way of making an album, people have been doing this for years.”

Chestnutt Groove’s new single ‘To Tell You The Truth I Lied’ will be available on iTunes but you can check it out on YouTube now. “When the CD is released, it will be in Northern Ireland, Serbia, England and Canada all on the same day,” explained Brian who can be contacted on Facebook under Brian Chestnutt.