Breathe Easy new members

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The re-elected Chairperson of Breathe Easy Causeway, Margaret Henry, made a strong call for new members at the May Annual General Meeting.

Margaret said: “We have been a vibrant group for two decades, providing an informative platform for expert advice and guidance for people battling severe breathing disorder.

“Indeed we have been more than simply a Group involved in serious discussion on lung health

issues. We have been very active in fundraising and members have thoroughly enjoyed the fun and friendship generated at our monthly meetings.

“However, it is vital that we attract new members in order to ensure the long-term stability of Breathe-Easy Causeway.”

The Group meets on the first Thursday of each month from September to May and new members

are very welcome.

Bill Blair conducted the election of officers, which resulted as follows: President, Eoin Murtagh; Vice-Chairperson Helen Todd; Treasurer, Sam Kelly; Secretary, Nessie Blair; Press Secretary Robert Burnett; Enrolment Secretary, Rhoda Burnett.

At the meeting, Sam Kelly reported a sound financial position, with public donations totalling over £1,000.

There were also two special presentations made.

Chairperson, Margaret Henry, presented a 90th birthday card to founder member, Lila Blair, and handed over a farewell gift to Annette O’Kane who retired from the position of Secretary after many years in office. Annette is remaining a member of the group.