Blue Bins - now they take even more

Since 2004 Ballymoney residents have been making a difference to the amount of waste buried in the ground through the use of blue bins.

This handy recycling option gives householders a real opportunity to divert waste for recycling into a range of materials.

The good news is that an even wider range of materials can now be recycled and to assist householders a new bin sticker has been produced by Ballymoney Borough Council and over the coming weeks these will be placed on every black bin in the Borough.

A Council spokesperson commented: “This sticker should provide a useful guide as to what can be placed in blue bins. They will be placed on black bins because not every blue bin is presented for emptying every fortnight with some choosing to retain it for longer in order to fill it.

“We hope that when people deposit waste in the black bin the sticker will serve as a reminder that some of this waste may be recyclable. We are really grateful for the ongoing effort and commitment of householders in Ballymoney. There is a massive interest in recycling with many curious about what happens to the collected items. We can assure people that all these materials are recycled.”

Evidence shows that while many people do use their blue bin to its full potential there is still much recyclable waste going into black bins. Unfortunately this waste has to be buried in landfill sites and as pressure increases there will be less landfill space available to Councils and this in turn drives up costs. Recycling will keep costs down and in Ballymoney there are a range of options available including blue bins, supermarket recycling centres, village recycling centres and two extensive Household Recycling Centres at the Knock Road and Burnquarter Road. Householders can also obtain a free home composter to help manage food waste at home.

There is a growing awareness that waste is largely generated through shopping habits. Supermarkets and producers are beginning to reduce packaging waste to help the consumer but there is a long way to go. If you are frustrated with what others do, why not maximize what you do at home by taking a look at the new sticker and ensuring that all possible recyclable materials go in your blue bin. This is a positive step everyone can take and if you get involved you be sure that you are helping create a brighter future where we start to address the ‘throw away’ society we once had.

As a reminder, householders can now recycle the following materials through blue bins: Newspapers and magazines, envelopes, junk mail with plastic covers removed, printed paper, card and cardboard, phone books and catalogues, juice cartons, glass bottles and jars, empty aerosol cans, food and drinks cans, plastic bottles, plastic food containers with the plastic film removed.

This is an extensive list but if anyone requires clarification on any specific item, help is available through the Council office. It is worth remembering that items should not be placed in plastic bags and no food waste of any description is acceptable. Items should also be rinsed to prevent smells and this is particularly important if bins are left near doors.

Please contact Borough services on 028 2766 0257.