Blood Brothers comes to Portrush Town Hall

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“So, did you hear the tale of the Johnston twins, as like each other as two new pins?”

The opening line from Willy Russell’s poignant and hilarious play Blood Brothers, which is coming to Portrush Town Hall next month, is well known.

The play tells the story of twin boys separated at birth.

The twins’ different backgrounds take them to opposite ends of the social spectrum, one becoming a successful businessman and the other unemployed and in prison. They both fall in love with the same girl, causing a tear in their friendship and leading to ultimate tragedy.

But the story of Mickey Johnston and Edward Lyons is not all tears and tragedy, it’s also hilarious too!

Blood Brothers (the play) comes to Portrush Town Hall on Friday November 11, and Saturday 12 in a charity production in aid of Causeway Women’s Aid.

The play is being staged by Connection Theatre - a group of local actors, many of whom are award-winning performers.

Playing the central role of the twin boys are Andrew McCracken and David McDowell.

The role of Mrs Johnston, the impoverished mother forced to give away one of her children, is played by Elaine Macauley, with Una Culkin playing the well-to-do but desperate Mrs Lyons who “adopts” Edward. The boys’ friend Linda - who ultimately comes between the pair - is played by Fiona Flynn with Donal Macauley playing a trio of roles as the milkman, doctor and policeman. The cast is completed by Stevie Black who takes on the role of the narrator.

Tickets for this fantastic, emotional play are on sale now from the Women’s Centre, Abbey Street, Coleraine or from members of the cast. Price£10. A limited number of tickets will be available at the door. Facebook Blood Brothers the play