Blind cord danger highlighted

AS part of Child Safety Week (18th – 29th June) Moyle HAP Group associated with Moyle District Council and highlighted the importance of Window Blind Cord Safety to Dalriada Sure Start groups within Ballycastle, Armoy and Bushmills.

Parents who attended the Sure Start groups were given a short talk about the dangers of window blind & curtain cords in the home and a pack containing information about simple precautions which can be taken to help prevent tragic accidents.

Many homes within Moyle may contain a potentially lethal trap for children, especially those under the age of three years old.

A child can easily become entangled in the loop created by a window blind or curtain cord/chain and are unable to call for help and lack strength to get the cord away from their neck. Since 2010 there has been 11 children’s death in the UK as a result of accidental strangulation from window blind and curtain cords and chains.

As part of the Blind Cord Safety Week organised by HAPNI, Martin Regan a grandfather from Bellaghy called on a ban on looped blind cords following the death of his 23-month-old grandson Dean Regan Russell.

Reiterating Martin Regan’s message, Moyle Home Accident Prevention group would urge parents to check window blind and curtain cords and chains in the home and ensure that they are keep well out of reach of children.

Parents should check that children’s cots, beds, highchairs and playpens are located away from window blinds/curtains with cords/chains.

Parents should also check that other furniture is not placed close to a window that a child could climb up and reach a window blind cord/chain.

If you would like further information regarding window blind cord safety or a blind cord safety leaflet please contact Moyle District Council, Environmental Health Department, Sheskburn House, Ballycastle, on 02820762225, Moyle Home Safety Officer David Adams on 02827660257 or email