Blessings Bags to help the homeless this Christmas

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Two Ballymoney women are urging the public to help them provide “blessings bags” for the homeless in Northern Ireland this Christmas.

Emma Wilson and Kerri Christie came up with the idea after reading about how the scheme began in America.

“The original idea was that people make up these Blessings Bags and carry them around with them and give them to a homeless person when they see one,” explained Emma.

“It’s a small and simple way of helping someone who is homeless rather than handing them money which could be used for anything.”

The little bags contain toiletries, gloves, socks and snacks.

“We thought it might be a nice idea to get local people in Ballymoney, the schools and churches involved in making up Blessings Bags which we will then take to the Welcome organisation which works with the homeless in Belfast.

“We have set up a Facebook page and are appealing for people to get involved by making up Blessings Bags and bringing them to our collections points at the Ullans Centre and High Street Dental Practice in Ballymoney between December 2nd - 14th.

“We would also be delighted to hear from any businesses who would like to make a bulk donation to our Blessings Bags, for example, maybe a big box of mints so that we can put a pack in each bag.”

Blessings bags should include gloves, socks, roll-on deodorant, chocolate bar, cereal bar, mints, chewing gum, lip balm, small juice carton. No substitutions please.

Also if anyone would like to include a little message, that would be a lovely touch, say the organisers, but not absolutely necessary.