Blaney wants scenic walk restored to former glory

Cllr Seamus Blaney pictured at the Goat's Path.INBM4-12 245JC
Cllr Seamus Blaney pictured at the Goat's Path.INBM4-12 245JC

A PLEA has been made for a scenic shoreline walk in Ballycastle to be restored to its former glory, writes Nevin Farrell.

Independent councillor Seamus Blaney says the ‘Goat’s Path’ to the west of Ballycastle harbour should be re-instated and a pedestrian bridge put in so walkers can amble as far as Port Calliagh.

The councillor said the walkway, in the shadows of towering cliffs, was once a popular walk but in recent years the bridge fell into disrepair and there are several pot-holes.

Speaking at a meeting of Moyle Council, Cllr Blaney said the walkway is “one of the nicest viewing paths we have in Ballycastle.”

He said there was a big scheme carried out on the pathway in the 1970s but the pathway fell into disrepair.

“We need it open again,” he said.

Cllr Blaney said a large hole has appeared on the pathway and he said the Council should carry out work.

“I want the path extended and we should rebuild the bridge and give people a walk to Port Calliagh,” he added.

Independent councillor Randal McDonnell said a new bridge would “cost a fortune”.

The Council’s Head of Technical Services, Aidan McPeake, said he will get costings on how much it would cost to build a new footbridge and said they will look at doing some repairs on the pathway.